With Marjorie

Marjorie became a coach because she is passionate about helping people be brave with their lives. She works with clients who are ready to create something new with their lives and who want to think more boldly about who they are and who they want to be. She pulls from her training as a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator as well as her experience as a counselor to help people discover how they want to show up in their lives in new and courageous ways. She's committed to helping clients create space in their lives for the future they desire.

For more information about coaching with Marjorie, please reach her by phone at 843.638.8702, or visit


"Marjorie is professional and very easy to talk with. Her positive suggestions and encouragement to set goals and achieve them has given me confidence and strength during a challenging time in my life. I highly recommend her coaching services".

Kerry R., Charleston, SC

With Anita

As a “therapist turned life coach,” Anita uses all her training to help each person answer the questions “What’s next for me?  How can I become my most genuine, best self?” Out of a deep belief that each person is called into joyful, fulfilling work on this earth, Anita uses creativity and visualization exercises, a wide assortment of assessments and inventories, along with deep conversation to help each person discover their gifts, talents and abilities and to find ways to live their lives authentically and creatively.

For more information about coaching with Anita, please reach her by phone at 843.224.2025, or visit


“I began coaching with Anita feeling drained, discouraged and ready to give up on my profession. After 3 months of coaching, I closed down those energy drainers and had a plan of action to move forward into a new chapter in my work - same profession but with an exciting new focus and direction.”

Amy P., Spartanburg, SC

Anita and Marjorie offer coaching as Independent Contractors; please contact them individually to discuss your coaching options.

Please note: Coaching is not intended for crisis intervention and is not a substitute for counseling or therapy. If you or someone you love is in crisis, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency department.